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Cash Discount Leads

Cash Discount
Processing Leads

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) began with credit card receivables. It is only natural that cash discount processing compliments an MCA. Our clients are able to offer working capital and credit card processing saving to their merchants.

Cashyew’s team of lead generators started by generating credit card processing leads. However, as the margins dwindled, credit card processing lead generation became unsustainable. Now, cash discount processing, where the merchant passes along the credit processing transaction costs to the customer, is becoming popular.

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    Minimum Requirements

    1 year in business (unless new business), 5K in monthly revenue, 500 or greater Fico credit score, no unresolved bankruptcy, business bank account.

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    Our qualifiers ensure you receive leads where the merchant is in the market to switch or get credit card processing. This starts with asking a series of questions to determine the merchant’s true intent.

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    Our qualifiers set the expectations with each merchant. The merchant will be prepared to submit his most current credit card processing statements.

Posted Webform Leads

Our team generates highly qualified leads via Google, Facebook, Email marketing and from our large affiliae base. These leads are aggregated into our central database where our qualifers qualify the leads. The leads are sent out in realtime to our clients via email and/or posted to their CRM.

Live Transfers

We have 30 experienced agents who can deliver transfers to your sales team from monday to friday, from 10 AM EST to 6 PM EST.

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