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The Best Leads in the MCA Industry

10 Years of experience in the MCA industry. Data for SMS Text, Email, and Cold call Campaigns

No Data Waste

Validated Records means 95% or higher of the records are marketable.

TCPA Scrubbed Data

All phone numbers are scrubbed every 3 days. You avoid TCPA litigation can call with confidence.

Instant Data Download

Select, Purchase and download to Excel or csv.

Data De-duplication

Your previous records purchases are deduped against future purchases.

Quality Assured Leads

We use a variety of third party and proprietary validation services to ensure top quality data.

300+Active clients
100+Premium lists


Guide how this site works

Select, Purchase, Download Our instant download data platform allows you to purchase the type and quality of data that you want when you need it. Your purchased records are maintained in your account and used to dedupe against future purchases.

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TCPA Litigator List

We protect you by mitigating your TCPA risk. Our data is scrubbed every 3 days to remove any potential TCPA litigator phone numbers.

Get $100 in Cashyew Credit with TCPA litigator list subscription.

  • TCPA Litigator List
  • DNC Complainers & Clean Data
  • Enhanced Phone Scrub

MCA Data

Two Databases:

New MCA Leads: Our latest MCA Leads, funded deals, submissions, live transfers, webform leads and UCC's.
Best for targeted campaigns

MCA Data
Older MCA leads at a lower price
Best for sms texting, emails, ringless voicemails, and cold calling.

Phone numbers are validated through Validito and TCPA Litigator List. Emails are validated through Millionverifier, Zerobounce, and Debounce.

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Cash Discount Processing Leads

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) began with credit card receivables. It is only natural that cash discount processing compliments an MCA. Our clients are able to offer working capital and credit card processing saving to their merchants.
Cashyew’s team of lead generators started by generating credit card processing leads. However, as the margins dwindled, credit card processing lead generation became unsustainable. Now, cash discount processing, where the merchant passes along the credit processing transaction costs to the customer, is becoming popular.

01 Intent

Our qualifiers ensure you receive leads where the merchant is in the market to switch or get credit card processing. This starts with asking a series of questions to determine the merchant’s true intent.

02 Minimum Requirements

1 year in business (unless new business), 5000 in monthly revenue, 500 or greater Fico credit score, no unresolved bankruptcy, business bank account.

03 Expectations

Our qualifiers set the expectations with each merchant. The merchant will be prepared to submit his most current credit card processing statements.

Minimum purchase $100.00 $0.00